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Calling in The One Katherine Woodward Thomas

$ 25

✅ Lesson 49

⏱13 Hours 46 Minutes

👂🏻Audio in English

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Set your stage for a new love story, and an

enduring romance: all in just 7 weeks


Your innermost thoughts and beliefs about love, your past relationships, your ‘Love Identity’ and vision, and even your invisible energetic patterns:

These are the forces that quietly shape your romantic destiny. And you’ll explore and reshape all of them as you move through Katherine’s signature seven-step process for calling in “The One” for you.

From divorcees and trauma survivors, to busy professionals and Hollywood celebrities – Katherine’s process has helped tens of thousands of people from a diversity of backgrounds attract their ideal partners, and nurture relationships that stand the test of time.

And with the Calling in “The One” program, you now have the opportunity to manifest your own love breakthrough: all through an enlightening, gentle, soul-affirming seven-week journey with Katherine herself as your relationship guide and coach.


The curriculum

Explore Calling in “The One” curriculum


Calling In The One on multiple devices

Calling in “The One” is a seven-week online program for rewriting your love story, and manifesting your ideal partner for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.


On each day, you’ll join Katherine for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson: where she’ll guide you through every step of her signature process for finding and nurturing the love of your life.


From discovering what you really want in love, to exploring your emotional and energetic self, to opening yourself to love and healing past wounds from toxic relationships – you’ll gain all the breakthroughs and insights you need to welcome a lifelong romance with the soulmate of your dreams.



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