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Career Coach for a Dream Life By Ashley Stahl + Bonus

$ 35

A powerful quest to help clients discover their core, find a career that aligns with that and create a dream life around it.

✅ Lesson 22

⏱ 5 Hours 37 Minutes

+ Bonus Live Call

👂🏻Audio in English

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A powerful quest to help clients discover their core, find a career that aligns with that and create a dream life around it.


Meet Ashley Stahl


Four Ways To Be More Successful In Your Career

Hi, I’m Ashley Stahl, a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, spokesperson, and author of the international bestselling book, You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career.


I support clients all over the world in discovering their best career path, upgrading their confidence, landing more job offers, launching a personal brand, and booking and writing TEDx talks. I also maintain a monthly career column in Forbes, have a top 100 TED talk, and host a top 20 show, called You Turn Podcast, all about up-leveling your confidence in work, love, and life.


While today, I am in such a peaceful place with my career, it wasn’t always this way. I started my career as a career coach with zero clients, little business experience, and a lot of confidence to be formed. But in time, I built up a client roster and a formula for successful career coaching. I then began offering courses online to help 7,000 students land their dream job.


At one point my business made over 5 million dollars on course sales (in just 4 months!), only to turn around and lose it all. But I wasn’t willing to let my failures define me. Instead of choosing failure, I chose myself.


I turned towards grit and commitment, so much so, that I paid off all my debt, created a sustainable business model, and learned how to navigate my personal brand and mindset. I have learned SO much, and cannot wait to share it with you.


After coaching hundreds of clients privately and thousands online, I’ve come up with a career fit formula, a framework that’s crucial to use when helping career coaching clients self-discover, be it for the purpose of career planning, a career pivot, or just personal reasons.


This course is going to help you deeply understand a step-by-step approach to navigate session planning and questions to ask your clients as a career expert. Most of all, it’s going to help you coach your client into actual job titles and path plans that are an excellent fit for them!


Course Content


The Potential of a Career Coach

About the Author

Core Nature

Core Skill Set

Core Energy Levels

Core Values

Core Interests

Core Persona

Core Motivators

Different Work Structures

Networking Strategy

The Perfect Elevator Pitch


Cover Letter

Salary Negotiations

How to Create more Value in your Job

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Knowing when to Quit

Money Blueprint

Personal Branding

LinkedIn: Clarity Tutorial

LinkedIn: Find the Right Contacts Tutorial

Knowledge Test & Certificate of Completion

Bonus: Live Coaching Call with Ash


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