Course Pro Jimmy Naraine

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Master the secrets of course creation from the people who create the world’s best courses

✅ Lesson 27

⏱ 9 Hours 38 Minutes

👂🏻Audio in English

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Master the secrets of course creation from the

people who create the world’s best courses


Vishen and Jimmy are the creators of many of today’s highest reviewed and bestselling courses: and in Course Pro, you’re guided through every step of how they do it.


First, you’re uplifted with the confidence and mindset you need to unleash your uniqueness and put yourself out there – even if your only experience of being on camera is sending birthday messages.

Second, you go deep into the architecture of a transformational and unputdownable course that your students will effortlessly consume from start to finish.

Third, you learn how to work with video, audio, and other easily accessible multimedia tools to produce a mesmerizing, high-production quality course on a surprisingly low budget.

Fourth, you’re equipped with proven marketing and promotion strategies that elevate your course far above the competition and maximize its reach and revenue.


Whether you’re looking for a career breakthrough, greater expertise and influence in your chosen field, or even a whole new career and income stream as a creator: Course Pro is a gateway to achieving your fullest potential and impact.


The Curriculum

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Course Pro on multiple devices

Course Pro is an online program that guides you through every step of Vishen and Jimmy Naraine’s proven system for creating bestselling online courses.


Throughout 27 days, you’ll join Vishen and Jimmy in easy-to-follow daily video lessons that equip you with the tools, frameworks, strategies, and even the identity shifts you need to build a world-class course.


This program is accessible to anyone and everyone with a message to share. You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive studio. Nor do you need any prior experience in teaching or course creation.


And by the end, you’ll emerge with the complete skillset and mindset you need to create, publish, and promote your bestselling online course in record time.


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