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Hero Genius Legend By Robin Sharma

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Equip yourself with the key habits, techniques and skills necessary to become a winner in life.

✅ Lesson 66

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For those who want to perform at their best and long to reach the elusive “next level” of productivity, impact and personal mastery:


Do you want to be so good at what you do that it’s impossible to ignore you? Would you like to overcome self-imposed limitations and habits and beliefs that disempower you and keep you from your full potential? Have you tried other conventional methods of personal development and peak performance, only to realize that you still haven’t achieved the greatness you crave?


Robin Sharma—one of the world’s leading leadership experts and acclaimed author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”—has dedicated his career to empowering those in this situation.


And after working closely with many of today’s most impactful people—from world leaders to influential celebrities and billionaires—he finally cracked the code to what he defines as legendary levels of performance and success.


This is code that boldly challenges much of what you’ve heard about productivity and peak performance. And it’s code that anyone—regardless of their level of success—can quickly leverage:


  • Achieve enormous progress in your work performance…
  • Break with your deepest fears and achieve “impossible” goals and objectives…
  • Stay calm, be positive and productive, even in times of great stress…
  • Awaken your leadership capacity and inspire others to work with you…
  • Perform at your best and achieve extraordinary impact without sacrificing your health, your relationships or your lifestyle…
  • And it embodies the essence of what makes the top 1% of performers who they are. It has nothing to do with your skills but with a specific attitude and mindset.


A revolutionary approach to transform your habits…And break all your performance limitations


The Hero Challenge. Genius. Legend. is a journey deep into the habits, thought patterns, and reality models of today’s most extraordinary leaders, billionaires, professionals, and athletes.


Robin Sharma uses the most advanced psychological and neuroscientific principles to take you beyond conventional models of success and habit reprogramming, towards levels of performance and productivity that were previously reserved for 1% of the world’s population.


With just a few weeks of fast, immersive daily repetition, Robin will awaken your inner genius, and help you rebuild the impact you want to create in your career and life. And in the process…


You will see in amazement how procrastination, insecurity and those patterns that leave you powerless disappear. You will gain the clarity and personal power to become the hero of your own story.


You will conquer even the most difficult challenges and obstacles. You will adopt new habits that will fill you with strength and propel you towards your dreams. And you will become a true legend in any field or activity you choose.


What you will learn:


1. Revolutionize your habits:
Free yourself from limiting habits, reprogram your mind with the habits of the world’s top professionals to boost your productivity and performance, and witness how Robin effortlessly incorporates them into your daily life.

2. Design an inspired life for action:
Follow Robin’s step-by-step method to adopt habits and reality models that give you the energy to perform at your best consistently, and take daily actions to achieve your biggest goals and plans.

3. Achieve your goals faster:
Attain your major professional and personal goals much faster by increasing your productivity and overcoming obstacles such as procrastination, doubts, and debilitating distractions.

4. Create heroic routines:
Discover how the highest performers in the world design a daily lifestyle based on performance, productivity, impact, and, of course, joy. Then, with Robin’s guidance, you will design yours.

5. Maximize your impact:
Free your mind to take your life to the next level and achieve extraordinary results in your work and passions. Learn how to stop feeling unworthy and get ready to leave your definitive mark on the world.

6. Strengthen your resilience:
Evolve into an unstoppable force of nature and learn to transform any adversity into an opportunity for growth and personal mastery as you approach your maximum potential.

7. Develop your growth mindset:
Acquire Robin’s tools and shift your mindset to step out of your comfort zone and make growth your top priority. You will be amazed at the results and opportunities that will come to you with just a few simple adjustments to your schedule.

8. Develop unbreakable value:
Eliminate fear and doubts that paralyze you from your mind. Robin will reprogram you with an unlimited supply of value to face any situation or setback, and empower you to emerge victorious at all times.


Challenge Content


Hero Genius Legend on multiple devices


The Hero Challenge. Genius. Legend. is an easy-to-follow online program that harnesses the power of forming habits to maximize your performance, productivity, and impact.


Robin Sharma will personally guide you through 66 daily microlessons, each based on the power of daily repetition to take you to the next level using the same tools and techniques he uses to train the most successful people in the world.


Each of these lessons only requires 10 minutes a day. At the end of the Challenge, you will be permanently transformed for a life of peak performance.


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