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Liberating Through Dance Parashakti Sigalit Sulvana Mindvalley

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“Parashakti Sigalit is a spiritual guide and transformational teacher who inspires thousands of people to discover their inner power and live a fulfilling and authentic life.”

✅ Lesson 35

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Welcome To The Liberating Through Dance Journey


A 21-day journey to discover & embody a radically new & authentically powerful you by liberating your body, mind & soul through dance.

Welcome To The Liberating Through Dance Journey


Welcome to the Liberating Through Dance 21-day Journey with leading shamanic dance practitioner, Parashakti Sigalit.

Get ready to free your past, access the inner wisdom of your soul and liberate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essence through ecstatic dance so you can show up more fully embodied, present and authentically powerful in everything you do.

We’re living in a time of tremendous change and rising uncertainty and it’s happening as a direct result of the planetary shift and the cosmic transition into the age of Aquarius.

However, most of humanity are unaware of these and are stuck in the old paradigm of scarcity and struggle. Their mental conditioning and energetic patterns are still aligned with the past not the future. And they wonder why they’re not experiencing the freedom and success that others enjoy.

This 21-day Journey with Parashakti Sigalit delivers the energetic vibrational shifts you need to blend with the frequency changes happening and thrive with the highest self-regulation, self-awareness, self-esteem, and spiritual connection.

You’ll be guided through such things as:

  • Identifying your relationship to space
  • Creating sacred space in your home
  • Energizing your intention of liberation
  • Using sacred movement as medicine
  • Amplifying your intuitive senses
  • Connecting with your inner child
  • Letting go of inhibitions
  • Experiencing the deeper essence of breath
  • Connecting with your ancestors
  • Tapping into your intuitive space
  • Creating high-frequency foods
  • Dancing into ecstasy & freedom
  • Understanding the map of your soul

And so much more…

In short, in this 21-Day Journey, you’ll experience your heart expand and open as you liberate yourself from your old story, discover the true rhythm of your soul and rebirth into a new, more intuitive and connected reality.


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