Manifesting Financial Abundance – Regan Hillyer (In English)

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An Extraordinary 7-Week Program That Gets You Expand On All Levels & Helps
You Start Manifesting Financial Abundance Like Never Before

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+ Bonus 2 – Audio Class Rising Into Abundance

+ Bonus 3 – Video Course Turn Your Soul’s Calling Into A Thriving Business

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An Extraordinary 7-Week Program That Gets You Expand On All Levels & Helps You Start Manifesting Financial Abundance Like Never Before


The Journey runs for 7 consecutive weeks, starting today, and guides you day-by-day through a simple and easy-to-follow process that takes only 10-20 minutes a day.


Regan Hillyer will coach you, teach you and mentor you, and guide you through powerful lessons and life-changing activations to help you start manifesting, embodying and experiencing supreme financial abundance, and create an incredible life of purpose, meaning, fulfillment and prosperity on all levels.


You’ll unlock each day of Manifesting Financial Abundance through Mindvalley’s exclusive Quest learning platform. So what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with hundreds of others under the guidance from Regan Hillyer.


This Is How The Manifesting Financial Abundance 7-Week Program Is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible


What you’ll learn in Manifesting Financial Abundance:


WEEK 1 – Activating Your Codes Of Abundance

In your Week 1 you will be diving deep into profound energy work on getting clear and fully aware of your current situation: your belief system around financial abundance, your patterns and behaviors.


Highlights include:

  • Getting awareness of where you are at
  • Remembering of your abundant self
  • Tapping into universal abundance
  • Weekly Exercise: Grounding Financial Clarity
  • Daily Activation: Manifesting Financial Abundance


WEEK 2 – Leaning Into Your 5D Reality

In your Week 2 you will be connecting with your unique vision of ideal reality where all your dreams and deepest heart’s desires take place. You will be anchoring your higher self into 3D reality taking that future vision into the present moment.


Highlights include:

  • Connecting with your vision
  • Anchoring the 5D into your 3D reality
  • Closing the gap between dreams and reality
  • Weekly Exercise: Getting to Know Your Higher Self
  • Daily Activation: Anchoring In Your Higher Self


WEEK 3 – Expanding Your Capacity To Receive

In your Week 3 you will be upgrading and expanding your so called energetic abundance container and general capacity to receive. You will experience your unique abundance codes activation and amplification of overall receptivity to supreme abundance.


Highlights include:


  • Expanding your energetic abundance container
  • The importance of surrounding to receiving
  • Activating the codes of doing less and receiving more
  • Weekly Exercise: Expanding Your Capacity to Receive
  • Daily Activation: Amplifying Your Receptivity


WEEK 4 – Removing Financial Distortion From Your Field

In your Week 4 you will be clearing and dissolving your own financial distortions as well as the collective distortions from your energy field and out of your physical body.


Highlights include:


  • Understanding imprinted distortion in the field of humanity
  • Dissolving and removing financial distortions from your field
  • Shifting distortion out of your physical body and transforming it into abundant gifts
  • Weekly Exercise: Transmuting Your Memories
  • Daily Activation: Clearing Your Financial Distortions


WEEK 5 – Recoding Your Financial Thermostat

In your Week 5 your will be recoding your financial thermostat – your limitations that hold you back from manifesting your ideal financially abundant reality.


Highlights include:


  • Getting aware of where your energetic financial thermostat is currently
  • Recoding your thermostat
  • Rewiring your belief systems to be in alignment with your new financial thermostat
  • Weekly Exercise: Recoding Your Financial Thermostat
  • Daily Activation: Manifesting Your Ideal Reality


WEEK 6 – Raising Your Vibrational Frequency To Manifest More

In your Week 6 you will be working on raising your vibrations by healing and purifying your current vibrational frequency in order to be in alignment with the higher frequency of supreme abundance.


Highlights include:


  • Becoming an energetic match with the next level of abundance
  • Burning control that is keeping you stagnant
  • Recognising frequency rate limiters
  • Activating coded medicine to raise your vibrational frequency
  • Weekly Exercise: Purifying Your Vibrational Frequency
  • Daily Activation: Purifying Your Vibrational Frequency

WEEK 7 – Calling In Your Higher Abundant Self

On your last Week 7 you will be integrating and locking your higher self into your identity. You will be working on upgrading the qualities that will enable you to fully embody your higher self.


Highlights include:

  • Recoding your identity
  • Surrendering to your higher self as it is pulled into then now
  • Raising your level of tolerance
  • Locking your abundant self into your future whilst collapsing time constructs
  • Weekly Exercise: Upgrading Your Self Expression
  • Daily Activation: Embodying Your Divine Future



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