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An advanced visualization method that sounds out-of-this-world


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An advanced visualization method that sounds

out-of-this-world: because it is


Scientists like Hawking and Einstein spent much of their careers exploring the existence of alternate universes. And it’s even a hot topic in science fiction, most recently in films like Doctor Strange and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

But you don’t need to commit to the theory of alternate realities to transform your life with Quantum Jumping: one of the most powerful (and unusual) creative visualization methods ever made.

Created by the late mind science pioneer Burt Goldman, it leverages decades of research in fields like visualization, hypnosis, meditation, and altered states…

And combines them into a single technique that engages your subconscious mind in a way that’s both astonishing and profoundly rewarding.

When you Quantum Jump, you enter the alpha level of mind: where you visualize yourself soaring through the multiverse, and meeting alternate versions of you with the experiences and abilities you need in your own reality.

Whether you’re searching for a career or financial breakthrough… mastery of a new skill, language, or musical instrument… a healing of the mind, body, or soul… or even a solution to an “impossible” challenge…

By engaging in vivid exchanges with your alternate selves, you gain the power and inspiration to grow, transform, and transcend at warp speed.

Quantum Jumping gives you the keys to expanding your possibility filter and tapping into your fullest potential: far beyond the subconscious blocks holding you back in this reality.


Quantum Jumping in 4 easy steps


4 easy steps of Quantum Jumping


What you’ll gain from Quantum Jumping


  1. Learn and master any new skill

    From musical instruments to foreign languages to art, sports, professional skills and more – your quest for mastery of anything and everything begins with a Quantum Jump. As you’ll quickly discover, Quantum Jumping dramatically accelerates your growth and learning: and gives you hyper-awareness of latent gifts, talents, and abilities your conscious mind has yet to discover.

  2. Find the answers, inspiration, and solutions you need

    Quantum Jumping is an excellent tool for problem solving and thinking outside the box. By tapping you into previously inaccessible dimensions of your subconscious mind, Quantum Jumping opens you to a wellspring of limitless inspiration and creativity – which you can then channel towards the answers and solutions you need to get unstuck and get ahead.

  3. Set breathtaking goals and visions

    When you Quantum Jump, you’re monumentally expanding your scope and horizon of possibilities. Goals and targets that once seemed impossible now appear within reach. You realize you’re worthy and more than capable of achieving them. And you even gain the clarity and inspiration to map out a clear path towards them.

  4. Manifest your dreams and desires

    Successful manifestation is a function of your thoughts, emotions, and self-belief. And because Quantum Jumping floods you with a wealth of uplifting clarity and inspiration, it’s also rocket fuel for manifesting your desires fast. Just Quantum Jump into a universe where you’ve already achieved those dreams, and watch as they come to life in your own reality.

  5. Light up your intuitive guidance

    Sometimes, life leads you to a crossroads. And whether it’s a big career move, a romantic decision, or a risky opportunity – it can be challenging to figure out which choice to make or which path to take. The good news is, your intuitive intelligence always knows the best answer – and when you Quantum Jump, you get full access to its laser-accurate guidance.

  6. Heal your mind, body, and soul

    Whether you’re looking to mend an emotional wound or trauma, resolve a spiritual crisis, or even soothe a physical pain or ailment – Quantum Jumping can be a powerful source of healing when you use it to enter a universe where you feel, look, and are at the peak of health and wellness.

  7. Deepen your meditation and mindfulness practices

    When combined with your favorite meditation or mindfulness practices, Quantum Jumping becomes a gateway to deeper inward journeys, profound self-awareness, and a spiritual oneness with the Universe and your Higher Self.

The Curriculum

Explore the Quantum Jumping curriculum


Quantum Jumping on multiple devices


Quantum Jumping is an online program that guides you through every step of exploring the multiverse and meeting your alternate selves through the power of advanced visualization.

You’ll join Quantum Jumping creator Burt Goldman in a series of multimedia lessons, visualizations, and alpha level mind exercises for mastering this transformational practice.

The program is designed for easy study at your own pace, and no prior experience is necessary: an open mind is the only tool you need to follow along and become a highly capable Quantum Jumper.

And by the end of the program, you’ll be fully capable of performing your own Quantum Jumps: as often as you like, and for any goal or desire.


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