Storytelling and Humor – David Sedaris MasterClass

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NYT–bestselling author David Sedaris teaches you how to turn everyday moments into seriously funny stories that connect with audiences.
14 video lessons (3 hours 23 minutes)

Teaches Storytelling and Humor” is a course taught by the acclaimed author and humorist David Sedaris.


In this course, Sedaris shares his deep knowledge and experience in the art of storytelling and eliciting laughter through humor.


Students can expect to learn about narrative structure, character development, creating effective dialogue, and exploring themes that provoke both laughter and reflection. Additionally, Sedaris offers practical advice on finding inspiration in everyday life, honing one’s personal writing style, and tackling the creative challenges that arise in the process of crafting humorous stories.


With practical exercises and examples from his own work, this course provides an invaluable opportunity for those looking to improve their skills in the art of humorous storytelling.


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