Super Reading – Jim Kwik English + Bonus Extra

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Double Your Rate Of Reading & Growth With Super Reading: The World’s Most Powerful Speed Reading Program

✅ Lesson 21

⏱ 5 Hours 45 Minutes

👂🏻Audio in English

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Double Your Rate Of Reading & Growth With Super Reading: The World’s Most Powerful Speed Reading Program


The Super Reading program is a highly optimized speed reading methodology by Jim Kwik: the world’s no. 1 brain coach to celebrities, leading professionals, and top performers.


The genius of the Super Reading program is that it stacks groundbreaking neurostimulation techniques onto proven memory retention and speed reading methods.


As a result, both the left and right hemispheres of your brain are triggered at the same time – which instantly commands your brain to crave more information, and open up new space for it.


Your brain then starts absorbing new information at an amazing rate, so that you aren’t just reading more…


You’re learning more, comprehending more, and retaining more in less time.


All through a simple step-by-step process that anyone can easily follow in just a few minutes a day.


The Super Reading program will at least double your reading and learning speed in just 21 days. We guarantee it.



The Curriculum

Explore The Super Reading Curriculum


Super Reading on various devices

The Super Reading program is a 21-day online program that activates your accelerated reading and learning potential.


On each day you’ll spend just 10 – 20 minutes with Jim Kwik himself, as he guides you through his signature speed reading and neurostimulation techniques – and reverses the undesirable reading methods you were conditioned with as a child.


On some days, you’ll learn strategies to help your brain process information at what seems like lightspeed. On other days, you’ll journey through expanding your mind’s capacity to learn new information by practicing the new skills you’ve acquired.


By the end of the program, Jim guarantees you’ll at least double your reading and learning speed – and be primed to grow and achieve at your fastest possible rate.



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