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The 3 Most Important Questions Vishen Lakhiani

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The 3 Most Important Questions Vishen Lakhiani Mindvalley

✅ Lesson 6

⏱2 Hours

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Clarity, perpetual growth, and the freedom to

design a life on your terms


Created by Mindvalley founder Vishen, the 3 Most Important Questions is an optimized goal achievement methodology that uplifts you towards your best life, and the best version of you.


And he created it because of one serious problem:


Traditional goal setting was completely failing not only himself – but the vast majority of Mindvalley students.


The big weakness of goal setting is it commands you to define what you want and how you’re going to achieve it…

  • But without showing you whether those goals are right for you.
  • And without giving you the unshakable passion, vision, and momentum to make those goals happen.


When you harness the 3 Most Important Questions, you’re liberated from the outdated model of goal setting that keeps millions trapped and frustrated for decades.

And you gain the skill set, mindset, and soul set you need to envision and achieve the goals that are right for you.


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