The Integral By Ken Wilber Life

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The Definitive Framework To Living An Integral Life

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The Definitive Framework To Living An Integral Life


The Integral Life program guides you towards applying an integral perspective in all five aspects of your life:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Relationships
  • Work

Rather than being yet another set of personal tools or techniques to add to your repertoire, The Integral Life gives you something far more valuable: an ‘operating manual’ for thinking, growing, and being the most whole and fully realized version of yourself.


The entire program gives you a strong foundation in AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels): which is Ken’s all-encompassing framework for Integral Theory.


Throughout this journey, you will experience elevated levels of consciousness. Amplify your strengths, while healing your weaknesses, repressions, and obsessions. And design a deeply personal spiritual practice that honors every depth of your being.


Plus, you’ll gain a platform for applying the practices and bodies of knowledge that already resonate with you.


From meditation and mindfulness, to fitness, nutrition, philosophy, peak performance, or any other discipline you’re currently invested in: The Integral Life guides you towards applying them all in a cohesive, and infinitely more rewarding manner in every dimension of your life.


The Curriculum

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The Integral Life on multiple devices


The Integral Life is a 35-day online journey that enriches every dimension of your life with Ken Wilber’s integral approach to thinking and being.


Through bite-sized daily video lessons hosted by Ken himself, you’ll take a deep dive into the frameworks and mind shifts you need to expand your consciousness and make a bigger impact as you apply Integral Theory in your work, personal life, and spiritual practices.


The Integral Life program strikes a perfect balance between philosophy and practicality. As you progress through each day, you’ll experience both a-ha moments that impact you on a deeply spiritual and emotional level – as well as practical breakthroughs that noticeably amplify your performance, productivity, clarity of mind, and connection to others.


By the end of the program, you’ll emerge with a whole new perspective on yourself, reality, and your place in the Universe.


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