Becoming Irresistibly Sexy by Sheila Kelley

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This course gives you back that magnetizing inner glow as a woman, helping you realize who you are as an erotic creature.


✅ Lesson 21

⏱Duration 6 Hours 13 Minutes

👂🏻Audio in English

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Feel Irresistibly You: A 21-Day Journey to Reclaiming Your Erotic and Emotional Self with Strip Down, Rise Up’s Sheila Kelley

For every woman who wants to master her femininity


Are you tired of feeling like the sensual part of you is asleep, or worse, trampled down?


It could be due to the roles you play every day: the hardworking professional, the caring mother, the reliable partner.


Life demands so much of you that you’ve forgotten the person you once were—a woman vibrant with sexual energy, comfortable in her own skin, and unafraid of her desires.


It’s easy to feel you’ve lost her, unable to fully express or even understand your sensual self, but the truth is…


Your erotic feminine creature doesn’t have constraints.


No matter your age or stage in life, physical expression can unlock deep-seated emotions and awaken your inner sexiness that’s been waiting to shine.


And Sheila Kelley can show you how.



What You’ll Learn


  1. Turn on Your Sensual Side

  2. Love Yourself More

  3. Confidence You Can Feel

  4. Sizzling Sex Life

  5. Celebrate Your Body

  6. Connect with Feminine Energy

  7. Heal Through Sensuality

  8. Revitalize Your Sex Life



The curriculum


Becoming Irresistibly Sexy is a 21-Day Quest to reawaken a sensuous relationship with your body, and to dance, play, explore and rise.


Simple follow-along daily physical practice is intertwined with Sheila’s unique ‘Treasure Hunt’ exercises to provide you an easy-to-walk pathway back to owning and expressing your emotional and erotic truth.


By the end of the program, you’ll more than feel comfortable in your own skin, you’ll love it. And as you bring that light to every relationship you have, your allure will be palpable.


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