Everyday Bliss Paul McKenna + Bonus Calls

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✅ Lesson 21

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+ Bonus Calls

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Say Yes To Your Calmer More Resilient Self


The Everyday Bliss program is a system by Paul McKenna that conditions you with a series of his signature NLP and hypnotherapy techniques – leaving you immune to the effects of stress, fear, and anxiety.


By following Paul’s simple steps, you’ll become far better equipped to deal with any form of stress you encounter. And ultimately enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising on your success or productivity.


The beauty of Paul’s process is that it reprograms you – on both a mental and physiological level – to naturally process stress in a healthier, more productive way. All without any willpower struggles or conscious behavioral change.


Paul is a globally renowned pioneer in behavioral change through the scientifically proven power of hypnosis. And through his debut Mindvalley program, you too can now experience his critically acclaimed approach to personal transformation.


The Curriculum

The Everyday Bliss Curriculum


Everyday Bliss on multiple devices

The Everyday Bliss program is a 21-day journey towards lifelong freedom from stress, hosted on the Mindvalley Quests learning platform. In just 15 minutes or less a day, you’ll experience Paul McKenna’s signature tools and techniques for reprogramming your mind and body’s response towards stress.


The beauty of Paul’s techniques is they work instantly, and are effective against any form of stress: whether it’s coming from your work, relationships, or any other source. Just follow Paul’s simple daily guidance, and you’ll gain both immunity from any stress you’re dealing with in the moment – and the means to rise above all future encounters with it.


Paul’s ultimate goal for you through this program is a dramatically improved quality of life. By the end of the 21 days, you’ll have a transformed perspective not just on stress – but on life as a whole. The situations that used to frustrate or upset you will now become opportunities for growth and success. What used to overwhelm you will now excite you. And instead of giving in to fear or anxiety, you’ll finally have the right tools to design a life defined by wellbeing and happiness.


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