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Beyond Fasting Ronan Diego de Oliveira + Bonus Calls

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✅ Lesson 28

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Fast Like Never Before


The power of Beyond Fasting is that it rewards you with both a profound physical and inner transformation that goes far beyond the typical approach to fasting.


The key is in taking you deeper than just when you eat (which is where most people draw the line) – into what, how, how much, and even why you eat.


Beyond Fasting combines today’s best knowledge in optimal nutrition, biology, psychology, and habit formation to create lasting, struggle-free transformation in you.


In just 28 days, you’ll experience not only breakthroughs in your health and body weight – but also a deep reprogramming of how you perceive and manage hunger, cravings, and your food choices in relation to your personal wellness goals.


This is how Beyond Fasting doesn’t just reshape your body – it also reshapes you.


What You’ll Learn


  1. Upgrade Your Diet.

    From your food choices and habits, to eating times and portions, down to your food psychology – you’ll experience a natural and permanent transformation in your approach to eating and nutrition.

  2. Fast The Right Way.

    Rise above all the conflicting fasting advice and opinions, and harness a scientific, rigorously optimized way to enjoy all the physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits of fasting.

  3. The Optimal Path To Healthy Weight Loss.

    You don’t need to exhaust yourself or starve all day to lose excess fat and achieve your optimal weight. Instead, discover how to use fasting as an effective, sustainable, and healthy tool for weight loss.

  4. Improved Overall Health.

    In addition to your weight, the Beyond Fasting protocol will also dramatically improve many of your key health markers – including your blood sugar levels, hormones, metabolism, cholesterol, brain function, and more.

  5. Unbreakable Discipline.

    The Beyond Fasting approach engages not just your body, but your mind. You’ll experience powerful elevations in your willpower, emotional control, and your ability to start and stick to healthy habits.

  6. Elevated Wellbeing.

    As you stick to your optimized fasting practice, you’ll develop a sense of overall wellbeing that goes beyond your physical health. You’ll feel a deeper sense of control over your thoughts, emotions, and mindset, and your ability to sustain a heightened quality of life.

  7. Stronger Self-Esteem.

    Fasting, when practiced correctly, is a profound act of self-love. You’ll develop higher levels of self-confidence and self-awareness, and you’ll even find yourself tackling bigger challenges and reaching for bigger goals in every dimension of your life.

  8. A Longer Lifespan.

    Many studies show a strong correlation between consistent fasting and longevity. The Beyond Fasting protocol will transform your health on a cellular level, extending your lifespan and offering better protection from age-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The Curriculum

Explore The Beyond Fasting Protocol


Beyond Fasting on multiple devices

Beyond Fasting is a 28-day online program that guides you towards a lasting physical and inner transformation through the practice of optimized intermittent fasting.


20 minutes a day is all you need, as you join Ronan Oliveira in daily bite-sized video lessons on fasting and nutrition optimization, mindful eating, and even how to shift your habits and mindset for lifelong health and freedom from unhealthy food choices.


By the end of your journey, you’ll emerge with a rewarding fasting routine that sticks – and keeps you in optimal health, shape, and wellness for a lifetime.


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