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Creative Visualization Lisa Nichols

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The Power Of Creative Visualization gives you all the best benefits of this transformational practice

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Deep and lasting transformation through leading-edge

creative visualization


Creative visualization is a popular practice. And like many other popular practices, you’ll find a variety of different approaches and opinions surrounding it.


Some of these approaches are life-changing, while some simply don’t work: and it can be confusing and time-consuming to find the best ones.


The Power Of Creative Visualization program solves this challenge by guiding you through a curriculum of highly optimized creative visualization techniques and sessions that are each:


  1. Science-based: psychologists, neuroscientists, and mind science pioneers like Jose Silva have made tremendous strides in understanding and mastering the subconscious mind – and these tools harness the best of those breakthroughs.
  2. Permanently transformational: the techniques you gain awaken deep and lasting change in you – so your transformation becomes a natural and effortless part of who you are, without struggle or resistance.
  3. Vivid and enjoyable: creative visualization can and should be fun – and with the right techniques to engage your emotions and light up your creative energy, you’ll find it becoming not a chore, but the highlight of your day.
  4. Easy to use: you’ll instantly connect and grow from every technique in the program. A few minutes a day is all you need, and no prior experience or skill set is necessary.

The Power Of Creative Visualization gives you all the best benefits of this transformational practice: with hardly any of the time or hassle you might otherwise need to commit.


The curriculum

Explore the Creative Visualization curriculum


Creative Visualization on multiple devices


Creative Visualization is a 12-day online program for mastering the power of this transformational practice.


On each of these days, you’ll experience insightful training videos, and immersive Emotion Fueled Visualization sessions for creatively visualizing (and realizing) different goals for every dimension of your life.


From wealth, to healing, to manifesting, to spiritual growth and much more: you’ll get today’s best creative visualization tools for creating any kind of lasting transformation you want – from the inside out.


All in just 20 minutes a day.


You’ll emerge from this experience with a lifelong toolkit of creative visualization techniques you can use at any time to awaken the creative force inside you, and make positive changes that stick.


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