Teaches Sex & Communication Emily Morse MasterClass

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In her MasterClass, Emily Morse empowers you to talk openly about sex and discover greater sexual satisfaction.

Instructor(s): Emily Morse

Class Length: 7 video lessons (1 hour 52 minutes)

Category: Wellness

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Masterclass Emily Morse Teaches Sex & Communication is an online course taught by Emily Morse, a renowned expert in sexuality and communication. In this course, Emily Morse shares her extensive experience and knowledge on how to improve communication in the realm of sexuality and intimate relationships.


Throughout the course, Emily Morse addresses fundamental topics related to sexuality and effective communication in relationships. She explores common barriers that can hinder open sexual communication and provides practical strategies to overcome them. You will learn how to express your desires and needs clearly and respectfully, and how to listen to and understand your partner’s needs and desires.


The course includes interactive lessons, instructional videos, and practical exercises designed to enhance your communication skills and help you create a deeper and more satisfying connection in the sexual realm. Additionally, Emily Morse delves into topics such as sexual confidence, overcoming shame and taboo around sex, exploring fantasies, and building a fulfilling and healthy sexual life.


With Masterclass Emily Morse Teaches Sex & Communication, you will gain the tools necessary to improve your sexual communication, strengthen your intimate relationships, and increase your satisfaction in the sexual realm. Whether you are in a relationship or seeking to enhance your individual sexual life, this course will provide you with valuable insights and practical perspectives to achieve a more fulfilling and gratifying sexual life.


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