Experience Lucid Dreaming Charlie Morley + Bonus Call

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What If You Could Master Lucid Dreaming – In Just 30 Days?

✅ Lesson 30

⏱ 26  Hours 47 Minutes

+ Bonus Call

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What If You Could Master Lucid Dreaming – In Just 30 Days?


The Experience Lucid Dreaming program guides you through an advanced yet easy-to-follow ‘4D’ framework for experiencing – and mastering – the science of lucid dreaming.


With Charlie Morley as your guide, you’ll discover how to tap into the wellspring of infinite wisdom that resides in your dreaming mind – and channel that intelligence, clarity, and personal power into your reality to create tangible change, and even synchronicities that alter the course of your life.


Charlie’s acclaimed approach to lucid dreaming harmonizes today’s best science and wisdom in fields like neuroscience, psychology, brain hacking, and modern spirituality.


The result is a step-by-step framework that allows anyone to experience the highest levels of lucid dreaming – and all the incredible benefits that come with it.


The Curriculum

Explore Experience Lucid Dreaming Curriculum


Experience Lucid Dreaming on multiple devices

In just 30 days, the Experience Lucid Dreaming program guides you towards mastery of your dreams – and in turn your waking life.


You’ll join Charlie Morley himself in easy-to-follow daily video lessons lasting no more than 20 minutes, as he equips you with the tools and techniques for recalling, tracking, interpreting, and planning your own transformational lucid dreams.


By the end of this experience, you’ll emerge with a lifelong gift: the freedom to experience lucid dreams, and the ability to use them for deep healing, problem solving, peak performance, spiritual awareness, and many other life-changing gifts.


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