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Magical Living Tim Storey

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A step-by-step system to bring magic into your life so the universe has your back and miracles unfold before you everyday


The Magical Living program with legendary life coach Tim Storey is a roadmap to reclaiming a life of bigger adventures, limitless opportunities, and deeper meaning.

In 19 days, you’ll gain the tools and clarity to transcend the three states of mind that silently rob you of your magic:

1. The Mad: mayhem, turmoil, and drama that arises from negative emotional patterns, unresolved conflicts, or from unpredictable circumstances in your external world.

2. The Messy: a state of doubt and disorderliness that can come from a missing sense of safety and security – or from feeling uncertain about your future and where you’re headed.

3. The Mundane: a sense of boredom, monotony, and lack of inspiration triggered by a lack of growth, an uninspiring career, or the feeling that you’re stuck in a comfort zone.

You’ll experience a profound rewiring of your inner world that frees you from the above patterns and the negative charges keeping you stuck in them.

And in their place, you’ll embody a new mindset Tim calls the Miracle Mentality: where magic and miracles flow to you daily, and new possibilities are unlocked for every dimension of your life.


What you’ll gain from Magical Living


  1. A life filled with miracles and magic

    Unlock the door to a life filled with blessings beyond measure where every moment holds the promise of something wondrous and magical.

  2. Awaken to the cosmic truth of who you really are

    Discover magic that lies within your soul – and with the universe as your ally, reach new heights of magic and wonder, as you bring your wildest dreams to life.

  3. Align with the true calling of your soul

    With every step you take, you’ll recognize the talents and passions that have been whispering in your ear all this time as you move closer to your ultimate destiny.

  4. Expand and evolve to new heights of growth

    Armed with your new Miracle Mentality, you’ll discover that the universe is always expanding – and so are you, as you rapidly grow towards your highest potential in every area of life.

  5. Step boldly towards the impossible

    What used to be impossible now seems inevitable as you shed the limitations of the past, and step boldly into new realms of possibility and greatness.

  6. Profound spiritual growth

    When you start to reclaim the magic inside you and all around you, you’ll develop a new sense of connection and oneness with yourself and everyone around you.

  7. Embodying limitless potential

    As you embody your Miracle Mentality, you’ll experience a transformation not just in how you experience life – but in how you experience yourself as a being of limitless potential.

The Curriculum

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Program Name on multiple devices

Magical Living is a 19-day online program that empowers you with a new life of limitless possibilities.


On each day you’ll join Tim Storey for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson: each one a step towards reclaiming the magic inside and around you.


Through this process, you’ll see remarkable changes in how you perceive yourself and reality. The quality of your thoughts and emotions. And your ability to call in everyday magic that opens new doors for you.


By the end of the program, your Miracle Mindset will be with you for life – and you’ll harness it daily to do your best work, nurture your best relationships, heal and show up as your best self, and design a life where your dreams manifest as if by magic.


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