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Mastering Reiki For Personal Transformation Brett Bevell Sulvana 

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You will discover and train in master level reiki principles in this program.

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Welcome to the Mastering Reiki For Personal Transformation Program with Brett Bevell.


This Program is magical. Magic in esoteric terms is the focusing of mental, psychic, or spiritual energy through ritual, prayer, or other means to effect outcomes in our lives that are in accordance with our personal will or Divine will. The word magic also connotes a sense of wonder, as in having a magical childhood.

This Program carries both of those aspects of magic. It will enhance that sense of wonder in your life, and take your consciousness to the furthest reaches imaginable to affect outcomes you’ve never thought possible.

The Reiki Attunements that you will receive throughout this Program have been sent through the time/space matrix as eternal lines of light, existing through time, and can be intersected and invoked by repeated sacred symbols offered in this Journey.

After this Program, you will find yourself using Reiki as a common aspect of your life, to bring harmony to your homes, your food and water, and almost every other aspect of life you can imagine.

With Brett Bevell’s guidance, you will start channeling the divine life-force energy and use it to purify, heal and transform yourself, other people, places, pets and even things so you can start living a life that perhaps you can’t even imagine right now.

You’ll be guided through such things as:

  • How to channel your divine life force energy effectively using focused power
  • The art of self-healing with Reiki with first and second degree techniques
  • How to enhance your self-healing and amplify your healing power
  • Using Reiki to create harmony in every aspect of your life
  • Clearing your mental and emotional bodies of unwanted energies
  • Becoming limitless with Reiki divine life force energy
  • How to know the timeline of your soul and manifest your goals through Reiki
  • How to tap into the Akashic Records to perform a Reiki memory swap
  • Aligning your soul with your highest purpose with Master Level Reiki symbols
  • Igniting a spiritual awakening with the powerful spiritual blessing/healing called Rei-ju

And so much more…

In short, you’ll discover and get trained in master-level reiki principles in this Program to release your wounds, worries, fears, limiting beliefs, challenges, and negativity, and embrace the real, infinite energy that’s within you and is you.


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