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Qi Secrets For Youthful Living By Hang Wang

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Welcome To The Qi Secrets For Youthful Living Journey

✅ Lesson 20

+ The Art Of Detox Book

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Welcome To The Qi Secrets For Youthful Living Journey


Your guide for this Journey is Master Hang Wang.

And get excited because you’re going to in the next 27 days, you’re going to discover the secrets that took Master Hang Wang over 30 years of studies, practice, and self-experimentation in the fields of shamanism, plasma energy therapy, pranic healing, deep bodywork, craniosacral therapy, esoteric acupuncture, bio-resonance, QXCI, darkfield microscopy, plant medicine, past life soul retrieval, sound, and overtone harmonics.

Here’s What You Can Expect In The Coming Days


  • You will first experience more vitality as you attune your body with Hang Wang’s secrets to nutrition, detox and alkalization. You will start sleeping well and you will enjoy the benefits of a calm & serene mind.


  • Then you’ll then feel intimate connection with yourself and feel grounded and present. Your body and mind will merge into one. You will know exactly what your body’s needs are. You’ll be in tune with your environment.


  • When you’re all connected, you will start feeling the flow of energy. That’s when your energy channels will automatically be amplified for a remarkable boost in your health, immunity and radiance.


  • This will give you access to deeper layers of your consciousness where you’ll find your trauma, emotional wounds & stress responses melt away. You will feel like a bright summer morning after a wet stormy night. And your heart will be as free as the birds in the wild.


  • That’s when you’ll naturally start feeling called to enhance the more sensual areas of your being. With advanced tantric techniques, you will transmute your sexual energy into a powerhouse for your higher creative, intuitive & explorative energies. You will feel like a kid in a toy store and start seeing the possibilities for all of your heart’s wishes coming true.


  • You then enter the next level of aligning, optimizing, & enhancing your being starting with the inner cells of your body to your masculine and feminine energy. That’s when you feel the Kundalini rising like a rush of heaven inside you.


  • Once the Kundalini is risen, the rest of your work in this Journey feels intuitive. You can’t help but notice your energy expanding and growing where you’re more and more present, connected, open, balanced, strong, fulfilled, and really really ALIVE!


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