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Spiritual Money Coach By Allyson Byrd (Copy)

$ 30

✅ Lesson 21

⏱7 Hours 10 Minutes

👂🏻Audio in English

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Spiritual Money Coach

with Allyson Byrd
A quantum energetics approach as to where you can heal with ease so you can facilitate with the highest integrity a transformation of money and wealth consciousness for your clients.
This course is divided into 3 main parts: 
Part 1: Identity Shifting Stories
Part 2: Auditing & Alchemy
Part 3: Coaching through Money’s Divine Frequency

Meet Allyson Byrd



Hey there, I’m Allyson Byrd – your quantum money and energetics coach who’s here to help you transform your relationship with money.
As a voice alchemist, my job is to activate the vocal power that can only come when you are living in the higher frequencies of love, truth, integrity and honor.


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