Teaches Acting Natalie Portman Masterclass

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Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman shares the techniques at the heart of her acting process—and teaches you how to tackle your next role.

Instructor(es): Natalie Portman

Duración de la clase: 20 lecciones en vídeo (2 horas 37 minutos)

Natalie Portman’s acting masterclass is a must for anyone who wants to act. This accomplished Academy Award winner shares the techniques she used to achieve success. Her superb acting course is full of insider secrets to help you to get your first break.


Getting to know and developing your character


Natalie Portman is a character actor, so naturally, that is where she starts her course. After the intro video, she dives straight into the subject of character development.

To be able to play a character convincingly, you need to get to know them. It is essential that you understand the person you are playing and work out the best way to convey this to your audience.

In these videos Natalie covers the following subjects, in considerable detail:

  •  Understanding what makes your character tick
  •  Creating a character timeline
  • Identifying the relationships that are most important to them
  •  How to use research to embellish your character
  •  Getting your wardrobe and makeup right
  •  Finding the voice of your character
  •  How to use movement to reinforce your character


Keep an eye out for what Natalie says about developing the physicality of your character, in particular, their gestures. Doing this well makes a huge difference to how convincing they are.

All of the best actors are very accomplished when it comes to developing the physicality of their characters. During the course, Natalie shows you how Gena Rowlands does this in a particular scene of A Woman Under the Influence.

She also explains how to adapt things that go wrong, while shooting a scene, and use it to make your character more believable. The example of Phil Hoffman in Before the Devil Knows Your Dead also resonated with me. So, keep an eye out for that.



Exercises to help you to develop your character


Later in the course, Natalie gives you an exercise to complete that pulls together everything that she has just taught you about character development. If you can, get into the habit of doing this exercise every time you watch a film.

I’ve started doing it and am now getting a lot more out of the movies I am watching and am enjoying them more. So, even if you only take this masterclass because you are a fan of Natalie Portman, I would urge you to give this a go.


How to play real people


Playing historical figures or someone who is still living requires a slightly different approach. You have to be more sensitive. The research needs to include both the private and public sides of your character. But, you must not let the fact that you are playing a real person stifle your creativity.

Listening to how Natalie decided what aspects of Jackie Kennedy’s life to research was interesting. As you will see, her approach is very clever. Yet, it is something you could easily replicate if you were to land ‘real person’ role.

In this video, she also provides an insight into how the actor and director can collaborate to improvise when necessary. Something that is only possible when you have done your research well.


How to perform well on camera


This is a relatively short part of the course. But, as you can see, Natalie packs an incredible amount of knowledge into this section. Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  •  How to memorize your lines
  •  When and how to bring your ideas to the table on set
  •  Have a point of view of how to play your character
  •  How to be open and fluid
  •  Responding to your director’s guidance
  •  The skill of watching playback
  •  How to be there for your fellow actors
  •  How to act emotional scenes


“Natalie Portman Teaches Acting” is an online course available on the MasterClass platform. In this course, Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman shares her experience and insights into the world of acting. The class is designed to provide a comprehensive view of acting from the perspective of an accomplished actress.


Throughout the course, Natalie Portman covers a variety of topics related to acting, from preparing for a role to establishing emotional connections with characters and collaborating with directors and fellow cast members. Students can expect to learn practical techniques, acting exercises, and valuable insights into the entertainment industry.


This course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced actors looking to refine their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the craft of acting. With high-quality video lessons and supplementary materials, “Natalie Portman Teaches Acting” offers a unique opportunity to learn from a prominent professional in the film industry.


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