Teaches Cooking I Gordon Ramsay (In English)

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Start creating dining experiences at home. Learn to cook restaurant-inspired dishes with tips for time-saving prep to show-stopping presentation.

Instructor(s): Gordon Ramsay

Class Length: 15 video lessons (4 hours 14 minutes)

Category: Food, Home & Lifestyle

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“Teaches Cooking I Gordon Ramsay” is an online course designed and presented by the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. In this course, the celebrated chef shares his culinary experience and knowledge to teach you various cooking techniques and skills.


Throughout the course, Ramsay will guide you through a variety of recipes and preparations, from basic dishes to more complex creations. You will learn fundamental cooking techniques, ingredient preparation methods, and plate presentation.


In addition to teaching you technical skills, the course will also cover aspects such as the importance of fresh ingredients, menu planning, and creativity in the kitchen.


“Teaches Cooking I Gordon Ramsay” is designed for cooking enthusiasts, from beginners to those with prior experience, who want to enhance their culinary skills and discover the secrets and tips of the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. Through interactive and hands-on videos, you will learn to cook delicious dishes and build your confidence in the kitchen.


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