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The Art of Manifesting Regan Hillyer + Wealth Manifestation Challenge + Bonus

$ 25

“The Art of Manifesting” is a Mindvalley course led by Regan Hillyer that teaches individuals how to manifest their dreams using mindset, energy alignment, visualization, and action-taking.

✅ Lesson 28

+ 📖 Workbook

⏱Duration 16 Hours

+ Wealth Manifestation Challenge with Regan Hillyer

Bonus Activation Accelerate Abundance Holistically In Your Life

+ Bonus Call 

👂🏻Audio in English

Google drive access

Within you are 5 unique creation superpowers: and with Regan’s guidance, you’ll awaken all of them in just 27 days



Imagine being able to create visions so clear and powerful, they become inevitable. Knowing how to bend the fabric of time and space to your desires. And feeling sheer joy and freedom in every moment, because you know you’re the grand architect of your own life.


Breakthroughs like these are what you experience when you begin applying Regan’s optimized manifesting tools in your life – and most of them take no more than 5 – 15 minutes a day.


Regan’s system transforms anyone and everyone: whether you’re a seasoned pro, or even if you’ve never read The Secret.


The key to this system is in how it awakens five fundamental creation superpowers from within you, that go far beyond what you’ll learn in most common approaches to manifesting:


  1. Visioning: your ability to slice through the fog, connect with what your soul wants, see it with absolute clarity, and allow it into your reality.
  2. Expansion: the act of expanding your energetic capacity, and making space for your biggest desires and visions to flow towards you.
  3. Overriding: knowing how to identify your personal limits, embrace and dance with them, and transcend them through manifestation alchemy.
  4. Identity hacking: stepping into a new and better version of yourself by recoding your self-identity and even your structures of reality.
  5. Manifestation acceleration: collapsing your timelines, dismantling the illusion of time and friction, and calling on your dreams and desires to show up in a flash.

The Curriculum

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The Art of Manifesting is a 27-day program that awakens your fullest ability to envision your desires, realize them at lightning speed, and embrace your role as the architect of your dreams and your life.


On each day, you’ll join Regan Hillyer for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson guiding you through her signature manifestation exercises, mindset tools, and Soul Work that transform you step-by-step into a master of conscious creation.


As you move through the program, you’ll explore the truth about what manifesting really is (and what it isn’t). You’ll experience profound identity shifts that turn fast and easy goal achievement into your second nature.


And most importantly, in just 27 days you’ll step into a new way of living and creating: where your every desire flows to you and for you, and even your wildest dreams become inevitable.


+ Wealth Manifestation Challenge with Regan Hillyer

Bonus Activation: Accelerate Abundance Holistically In Your Life

+ bonus call



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