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The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Cecilia Sardeo

$ 22

Learn with a carefully selected team of the best yoga instructors in the world

✅ Lesson 21

⏱ 14  Hours 8 Minutes

+ Bonus Live Calls

👂🏻Audio in English

Access Google Drive

A Handpicked Team Of The World’s Best Yoga Instructors


When you join The Mindvalley Yoga Quest, you enjoy intimate guidance from not one, but nine world-class yoga instructors – each with their own unique perspective that enriches your understanding of the whole.


Your main designated host is Cecilia Sardeo: Mindvalley’s resident yoga instructor, who has personally helped thousands of people reap the rewards of this life-changing practice in a fun and accessible way (including Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani himself, and our entire team).


Joining Cecilia are a selection of critically acclaimed yoga instructors from across the world; including international sensation Tymi Howard, the “Anthony Robbins of yoga” Dashama Gordon, and yoga rebel Erin Motz.


Under normal circumstances, it would be nearly impossible (and extremely costly) to learn from all these amazing teachers under one unified curriculum – but for the first time ever, The Mindvalley Yoga Quest makes it accessible to anyone.


The Curriculum

Explore The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Curriculum


The Mindvalley Yoga Quest on multiple devices

The Mindvalley Yoga Quest is a fun, accessible way to lock in a rewarding yoga practice for the four dimensions of you.


For 21 days, you join your head yoga instructor Cecilia Sardeo, and eight world-class yoga teachers in a series of easy-to-follow 20 – 30 minute daily sessions and weekly live calls.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have some experience – you get all the love and guidance you need to enrich your life with the remarkable power of yoga.



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