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Waves of Pleasure By Bibi Brzozka

$ 25

Rediscover your body, your feminine pleasure, and your power in just 7 days

✅ Lesson 9

⏱ 5 Hours 17 minuts

👂🏻Audio in English

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Rediscover your body, your feminine pleasure, and your power in just 7 days


Embark on a journey into the source of your feminine pleasure, with renowned sex, love, and relationship coach Bibi Brzozka as your guide.

You’ll transform your relationship with yourself – and tap into your sensual energy to light up your sex life and capacity for self-love, as you master the art of creating ecstatic pleasure from within.

Bibi’s approach is practical, easy-to-follow, and holistic – taking you far beyond surface-level sex advice as you go deep into your body and energetic essence.

You’ll get all the tools and practices you need to embrace a richer sex life with better orgasms.

Create a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself, your body, and your partner.

And to even explore and play in all the dimensions of your feminine side, so you can reclaim all the gifts She has to offer.



What you’ll gain from Waves of Pleasure

  1. An elevated sex life

    You’ll elevate your sex life to new levels of pleasure and intimacy, deepening your emotional and physical connection with your partner.

  2. Deeper self-love

    Your connection to your feminine essence will enrich you with a deep sense of self-acceptance, self-love, and a profound appreciation for your body and sexuality.

  3. Better and more consistent orgasms

    Whether it’s with yourself or your partner, you’ll know exactly how to enjoy waves of deep and ecstatic orgasms, on time and every time.

  4. Your sensuality unleashed

    With your inner goddess awakened, you’ll radiate alluring sensual power with natural ease, allowing you to give and receive pleasure on a whole new level.

  5. Greater confidence in bed and in life

    Your mastery of your feminine pleasure will fill you with a powerful sense of confidence to ask for, give, and receive what you want – in the bedroom or the boardroom.

  6. A renewed appreciation for your body

    You’ll gain a newfound love and acceptance for your body from head to toe – including the curves, unique features, and even the quirks that make you, you.

  7. A direct line to your feminine energy

    You’ll harness your feminine energy to connect with not only sensual pleasure – but even your fullest intuition, creativity, and passion for everything you do.

  8. A more magnetic, memorable, irresistible you

    By owning your sensuality with authenticity and confidence, you’ll gain a bright aura that draws others to you, and commands attention and reverence.

The Curriculum

Explore the Waves of Pleasure curriculum

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Waves of Pleasure is a 7-day program for reclaiming your feminine power, sensuality, and self-love.


On each day, you’ll join Bibi Brzozka for a bite-sized video lesson that guides you through every step of experiencing, amplifying, and channeling the essence of pleasure into every area of your life.


In just one week, you’ll emerge with a permanently renewed relationship with your feminine essence and your body – which you’ll then harness to savor the best sex of your life, and step into a new way of life where pleasure is always within reach.


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