Magnetic Charisma Vanessa Van Edwards

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A step-by-step formula for unlocking your authentic charisma: in just 14 days

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A step-by-step formula for unlocking your

authentic charisma: in just 14 days


Charisma is simply a scientific formula: and the beauty of formulas is anyone can harness them for the exact same outcomes, every time.

And this is what you get in Magnetic Charisma: a 14-day program by leading behavioral investigator and bestselling author Vanessa Van Edwards.


The end result is a charismatic breakthrough that will forever transform how you present yourself and interact with others, as you create extraordinary success, influence, and connections through your naturally powerful presence.

Magnetic Charisma takes you on a deep dive into the building blocks of human interaction, and how to master each of them.


Throughout your journey, you’re equipped with science-based techniques and deep mindset conditioning tools that show you:

  • The fastest, easiest way to master the skill of charisma
  • Where charisma really comes from
  • What really makes a person memorable, and how to embody it
  • How to create instant and meaningful empathy
  • How to influence others with respect and reverence
  • The scientific keys to overcoming social and public speaking anxiety
  • How to build great networks and relationships, even if you’re an introvert

… and many more.


The Curriculum

Explore the Magnetic Charisma curriculum


Magnetic Charisma on multiple devices

Magnetic Charisma is a 14-day online program for developing a powerful presence, and harnessing your authentic magnetism to inspire, influence, and impact the people around you.


You’ll join Vanessa Van Edwards in daily 20-minute video lessons, as she guides you through every step of her globally acclaimed system for embodying charisma naturally.


You’ll gain advanced communication techniques that supercharge your interactions with others. You’ll experience profound mindset shifts that vaporize any social anxiety and transform how you see and think about yourself.


And by the end of the program, you’ll have full mastery of your authentic magnetic charisma: and the power to channel it in every dimension of your work, relationships, and personal life.


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