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Tantra Touch Psalm Isadora + Bonus

$ 25

Enrich Your Love Life With Sizzling Passion & Irresistible Intimacy – The Tantra Way

✅ Lesson 30

⏱ 6  Hours 32 Minutes

+ 29 Bonus Call

👂🏻Audio in English

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Enrich Your Love Life With Sizzling Passion

& Irresistible Intimacy – The Tantra Way


Tantra Touch is the definitive modern-day guide for invigorating your love life with Tantric principles.


Under the guidance of Psalm Isadora – who was widely regarded as one of the modern world’s most prolific Tantra experts – you’ll embark on a 30-Days journey into thrilling new depths of intimacy, sensuality, and passion.


But this program isn’t Tantra as some people understand it to be.

Because here, there are no ancient texts to dissect. No restrictive dogma or traditions to adhere to. And no guru to give up your power to.


Instead, you’re empowered with exhilarating yet easy-to-follow tools and principles that you can instantly apply in your busy life.

The result? Deep and lasting breakthroughs in your relationship with yourself. Your partner. And of course, your sex life.


Tantra Touch is designed to be the fastest, easiest ways to enjoy the power of Tantra. And it’s one of the most rewarding steps you’ll ever take in your quest for a thrilling and fulfilling love life.


The Curriculum

Explore The Tantra Touch Curriculum


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Being one of the most comprehensive Tantra programs you can find anywhere, Tantra Touch packs an impressive amount of content into a 7 week course. You’ll follow Psalm’s step-by-step process that is divided into three phases. The first phase uncovers the psychological aspects of your sexuality.


The second phase connects with the energetic influences shaping your sexuality. And in staying true to ancient Tantra, the third phase is when all the groundwork is done and where will you enter into the physical aspects of soulful sexuality.


Upon completing these three phases, you will have experienced a sexual awakening so profound, it will permanently change your understanding of sensuality and intimacy – and your capacity to experience it.


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