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The Champion Mindset Florencia Andrés

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A proven system to eliminate your self-imposed limits and install winning beliefs within just 14 days.

✅ Lesson 14

⏱ 2 Hours 37 mins

👂🏻Audio in English

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Are you playing to win? Or just playing not to lose?


Have you noticed how, despite your efforts, there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Do you ever feel like you’re just skimming the surface, playing it safe instead of reaching for more?

Are you tired of watching your boldest dreams fade into the background, overshadowed by the daily grind?

It’s not your fault. Over time, the world conditions us to play safe, to fear failure, and even to doubt our true potential.

Yet Florencia Andres says, the distance between a world-class athlete and a trophy is the same as between you and your next big goal – it’s the distance between your ears.

Imagine unlocking a mindset where self-doubt and hesitation are left behind, and where waking up energized and excited to be the best version of you is not just a possibility, but a reality.

A mindset that breaks you free from these invisible chains, where you don’t just think but know, limitations are just illusions.

This mindset is what allows champions, winners, and the greats of all time to transform dreams into achievements, obstacles into stepping stones, and here’s the best part…

This Champion Mindset is within your reach, no matter where you’re starting from, and…

With Florencia as your guide, it’s coachable.


A proven system to eliminate your self-imposed limits and install winning beliefs within just 14 days.


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Discover ‘The Champion Mindset’ with Florencia Andres and start achieving like the world’s elite athletes and performers

Over two dynamic weeks of training, you’ll embody the G.O.A.T Method, a powerful blend of strategies used by the world’s top athletes and business execs that changes how you think, feel, and act:

1. Golden Mindset: Unlock the mental strategies of champions and make them your own.

2. Outstanding Confidence: Build unshakeable confidence to conquer your fears and reach for new heights of success.

3. Authentic Motivation: Tap into a wellspring of genuine motivation that keeps you driven towards your goals, day after day.

4. True Grit: Cultivate the resilience of a warrior, ready to face any obstacle with determination and strength.


What You’ll Learn


  1. Awaken Your Inner Champion

  2. Master Daily Routines that Propel You to Achieve 10x Faster

  3. Develop Rock-Solid Confidence

  4. Cultivate a Genuine Sense of Commitment to Yourself and Your Dreams

  5. Eliminate Procrastination and Distractions, and Focus on Your Goals

  6. Get Comfortable with Risk-Taking

  7. Cultivate Resilience to Persevere and Follow Through


The curriculum


The Silva Ultramind System on multiple devices

The Champion Mindset is a 14-day revelation that allows you to tap into the neural-circuitry of the world’s top performers.


From athletes to global superstars to business titans, Florencia Andres is the woman you turn to when you need to perform at your peak.


Through a series of simple yet powerful coaching exercises, in just minutes a day, Florencia will exponentially elevate your ability to achieve, even beyond what you thought possible.


Delivered in a dynamic on-stage presentation, Florencia’s Quest is like nothing you’ve seen before… and the results speak for themselves.


Get ready to dream bigger, achieve more faster, and permanently install the mindset of champions.


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